Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Earth, the Cradle of Life

Today we start exploring our own planet, Earth, the Cradle of Life...
What do you think makes our planet different than the others? 

Let's watch a video and then discuss its unique features!

So how do we treat this jewel of the universe?

Is protecting the planet a job for the goverments only?
What should we do to help  and protect our planet?
Write an article for your school newspaper entitled: We will save the Earth

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Friends & teams

What are friends for?
Work with a partner to come up with as many important aspecs of frienship as possible in 5'

Now let's watch this video and find out if you have more to add to your list.

Is having friends the same as being a team player?
Work alone to list advantages of team work.

Do this quiz to explore how strong a team-player you are. BE HONEST!
Here is the scoring sheet

Now let's work in teams to prepare for a mystery skype session next week!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


ASPIRATIONAL from Matthew Frost on Vimeo.

Have you ever met a famous person?
Share your experience with the class!

In pairs
If you could any famous person, who would you most
like to meet?
What would you say to the famous person?
What questions would you ask?
Report to class

Student A is a fan of a famous person he/she meets 
at a party. You want to speak to your 
hero/heroine. You ask the questions you prepared 
in Step 2. 
Student B is a famous person who meets a fan at a 
party. Your fan has a lot of questions they want 
to ask you. You answer their questions in as much 
detail as possible (you’ll have to use your 
When you have finished they change roles. 

Perform your roleplays at the front of the class

Do you ever take selfies of 
yourselves? Show us some examples of selfies you’ve taken. 

Why do people take selfies? 
Have you ever taken a selfie with a celebrity? Details please!!!

Google search for “selfie with a celebrity” 

Do you know Kirsten Dunst?

What would you do they if you met her in the street? 

We are going to see a short film which shows Kirsten Dunst being 
recognized in the street by two young women. 
What do you  think happens in the film? 
Were your predictions correct? 

Now, let's watch the film again. As they watch you should try to answer the 
four questions.
• How does Kirsten Dunst feel? 
• Why do the two girls take their own selfies? 
• Why do the two young women ask Kirsten to tag them? 
• Who are random followers? 

• What is the message of the film? 
• Do you think the film is realistic? 
• Why do you think the film is titled Aspirational? 

Work in pairs. 
Student A has to find out 
information about Kirsten’s childhood, family, 
career, romantic relationships and interests. 
Student B is a great fan of Kirsten and has to 
create 10 questions she’d like to ask Kirsten when 
she meets her. In the following class the pairs will
roleplay the situation.