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Global Project!

Help children from around the world to read books in Greek!

Unite for Literacy!

Modals and Modal perfects!!

Madal verbs 1

Modal verbs 2

Modal verbs 3

Modal Perfects!

Video 2

Modals and semi-modals-Historical places in Chaidari!

Video 1

Video 2
 Do the following activities:

Activity 1
Activity 2-ability
Activity 3
Activity 4-probability
 Activity 5

Modal Perfects

 A song!
Modal perfect Activities!
Lots of Games!

Speaking Task 1:
Read the article: Abandoned places

Task 1: Think about what this place might have been like in the past.

used the modal verbs below to talk about the past:

  • might have (possibility)
  • could have (possibility)
  • must have (certainty something was true)
  • can’t have (certainty something wasn’t true       

Task  2:
Now work in pairs/individually and choose a photograph of an abandoned place you want to work with. Try to come up with as many sentences using past modals as possible.

Task 3:
Find out which picture was the most popular among your classmates and why.
Photo 1-Palataki Villa

Photo 2-Concentration Camp Chaidari

Have you ever visited a similar, abandoned place?Is there  a similar, abandoned place in Chaidari? What do you think this place might have been like in the past?

Our area,Our history. Read about Chadari concentration camp .
Find out more about palataki here .
The struggle-Palataki Villa information .


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Happy Thanksgiving!


Watch the videos about thanksgiving!

How much do you know about thanksgiving?
Take the quiz and find out!

Find the differences!
A lot of activities about thanksgiving 1!
Jigsaw puzzle!
Dress the turkey!
A lot of games!
Turkey pardon!
Crossword puzzle!
Put the words in alphabetical order!
Thanksgiving reading!

What are you thankful for? 

Search the Internet and find more information about Thanksgiving. Create a presentation.

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Grammar: Past tenses

Past simple & Past continuous

Video part 1: Past continuous & Past simple
Video part 2: Past continuous & Past simple
Practice: Do the following activities.
Past simple & past continuous 1
Past simple & past continuous 2
Past simple & past continuous 3

Let's go on with: used to/ would/ be-get used to. Watch the videos.
Used to/would

Used to/be used to 1
be used to/used to 2
be -get used to/used to 3be & get used to/used to 4
Activity 1
Activity 2
Activity 3
Activity 4
Activity 5
Gold Idioms

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Past simple & Past continuous/Used to-get used to-be used to

Video part 1: Past continuous & Past simple

 Video part 2: Past continuous & Past simple
 Practice: Do the following activities.

Past simple Vs Continuous One
Gap filling

 Let's go on with: used to/ would/ be-get used to. Watch the videos.

 A song!
Used to 2
Used to 3
Passive simple past
Passive simple past 2
Passive simple past 3
Passive past progressive
Passive past progressive 2
Passive past progressive 3

Idioms with gold

So, how about YOU becoming a SUPERHERO?

Think of these questions to help you create a fictional character that feels like a real one!

Questions for Reflection

  • What is your ordinary world?
  • What are your challenges?
  • What strengths (or superhero powers) are you using to overcome these challenges?
  • Who are your helpers?
  • Whom are you helping?
  • How do you and others benefit from your actions?
  • Are you "real" online? Are others?
Do Phrasal Verbs give you a headache?
Well, here's a fun way to learn some of them!
 Write a story using as many phrasal verbs as possible. The story with the most phrasals will win a prize!

Use the Story Canvas

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Extra practice
Do the following exercise using the links below:
Exercise 1 present continuous or present simple?
Exercise 2 present simple Vs continuous
Exercise 3 stative verbs 1

Simple present passive
Exercise 1: passive

Present Continuous Passive
Exercise 2: passive

Phrasal verbs with turn 
Vocabulary 1
Vocabulary 2

Stative verbs video

Famous authors

Do you know William Shakespeare? Have you ever heard of the famous quote "to be or not to be?" or "love is blind?". Learn more about William Shakespeare on this short video.

William Shakespeare

Read one of his famous  poems

post your favourite quote HERE

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Hobbies are good practices of a human that lead to the improvement and enhancement of one’s personality. Hobbies keep a person busy and so he has less scope to go for something bad, or waste his time. Hobbies even make a person more creative and talented. Talent cannot be gained just  by going to school. Only when we touch more and more creative hobbies, we can possess more talent.

If money is an issue, here are some ideas to have fun for free! Even more ideas!

How to find a hobby!
You can also take this quiz or this quiz to help you find one! 

Ask about hobbies!
Top 5 strangest hobbies!

A lot of games!
A lot of games 2!

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