Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The school swap project! Epals from around the world...

Our project on epals...

Did you know that students who live in Australia and Costa Rica have summer vacation in December and January? Or that Brazilian students go home for two hours in the middle of their school day to eat lunch? And that in Bangladesh, some students go to school on a boat?
School Swap will enable us to discover facts like these as we learn about schools and students from around the world. Partnered classrooms will examine the similarities and differences between their school campuses, classrooms, and activities. As a culminating project, we will create a video that presents elements of our partners' school we would like to have in our own school.

 In addition to learning about each other's schools, we will either practice or model the correct use of the English language. We will also learn techniques for communicating effectively with people from another country.


This week we will be sharing our BEST and WORST experiences in class, that be an English class or any other  :)Post your ideas on this  SPECIAL CANVAS and comment on our pals'experiences!

Our Russian epals!

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